Profile Wood Elements (PHE)

Living room climate of the extra class

The use of natural and controlled renewable wood building materials, in combination with a diffusion-open construction method and controlled ventilation with heat recovery, creates a healthy and very pleasant room climate. Wood is a particularly pleasant material for interior surfaces. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, the wood building material feels particularly warm and comfortable compared to other building materials such as steel or concrete.

Possible applications

  • Single family and terraced houses
  • Multi-storey residential buildings
  • Office, commercial and hotel buildings
  • Industry and production halls
  • Leisure facilities and sports halls


  • High load capacities with low bulk density
  • Fast and dry system construction
  • High fire and chemical resistance
  • Better thermal insulation properties than concrete
  • Up to 6dB better acoustic values than with glued board stacks
  • Naturally renewable and 100% recyclable building material
  • Positive effect on climate protection through CO2 storage


A distinction is made between non-visible (NSi) and visible (Si) quality. The distinction is only the appearance. The optical quality will be correspondingly higher the fewer knots or other growth-related features are visible in the surface.


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