Dimensions:                  Thicknesses: from 8 cm - 25 cm

                                      Widths: up to 120 cm

                                      Lengths:  infinitely variable up to 12 m

Strength class:                C24

Wood species:                 European spruce (MNO)

Sustainability:                  The raw material wood comes from sustainably managed forests

                         ETA-16/0162 v. 06.08.2018

                          CE-Certification of 23.09.2019

                                      1359_CPR-0793 Holzforschung Austria

Element structure:           Side products made of spruce wood are produced with an integrated PHE line from Hundegger.

                                     Finger-jointing station, connected to form an endless strand and provided with a profile on one side (later the underside).
                                     This profiled board is then shortened to the desired element length.
                                     The individual board layers are stacked layer by layer, pressed and connected with each other with aluminium groove pins.

Wood preservation:          The technical drying of the spruce boards replaces the chemical wood protection

Connecting:                     Aluminium grooved pins as per ETA approval ETA-13/0801

Fire behaviour:                 According to Commission Decision 2003/43/EC, as amended, solid wood panels correspond to the following Euroclasses.                                                          Solid wood panels with the exception of floor coverings (pmin=400 kg/m³) comply with Euroclass D-s2, d0
                                Solid wood panels as floor covering (pmin=400kg/m³) comply with Euroclass Dfl-s1                                

Thermal conductivity:       0,13W/(m*K)

Bulk density:                    approx. 480kg/m³ at 12% wood moisture

Acoustic insulation:          Excellent acoustic insulation due to solid wood construction. Additional measures, especially in the floor area, can also

                                      achieve improved impact sound and vertical airborne sound insulation values

Reverberation time:          Due to the structured surface, the profile wood elements reduce the reverberation time and thus improve the room acoustics  

Swelling and shrinking:    With a wood moisture content change of +/- 1% the PHE wood lamella shrinks or swells in a radial direction. Due to the fact  

                                      that a PHE element is not glued, each individual lamella can work within itself. The element widths therefore remain very

                                      constant. During installation work, sufficient installation air and protection against moisture (rain) must be ensured.



Production takes place after the final dimensioning of the construction according to the specifications of your structural engineer/structural designer.




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